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Antica Dimora De Michaelis
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Welcome to the roman renaissance

The Antica Dimora De Michaelis takes it's name from Cesare Borgia's mistress, the famous courtesan Fiammetta De Michaelis, who lived in a house nearby.

The Dimora re-presents in fact, the sensual atmosphere belonging to the typical houses of prelates of the magnificent papal court prior to the Counter-Reformation, and to the sumptuous residences of the refined and cultured courtesans of the period. Via dei Coronari was the main arterial street for pilgrims heading towards St. Peter's Basilica. It was the street in which crowns of statues of saints and of the Madonna found in the thousands of roman churches were made, and also the street in which, the sophisticated alcoves of these refined women gathered and modelled in great painter's workshops, allowing their face to be portrayed for saints in ecstasy of the Holy Roman imagination.

These atmospheres full of references to the past can still be felt in the six suites of this mansion. The Antica Dimora De Michaelis is located in the heart of the historic renaissance centre, just one hundred metres from Piazza Navona. The mansion is situated inside a building which stands near the Chiostro del Bramante and within walking distance of many of Rome's Baroque architectural masterpieces.


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