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Antica Dimora Delle Cinque Lune
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The Hotel Antica Dimora delle Cinque Lune is just a stone's throw from Piazza Navona, its windows overlooking the entrance to the ancient Stadium of Domiziano on which the piazza itself was built.

The hotel derives its name from the 5 half moons of the original coat of arms of the Piccolomini family whose palazzo dominated the little Piazza delle 5 Lune where the hotel lies.
Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who became pope with the name of Pio II in 1458, was a great humanist and is celebrated for the trasformation of Pienza ( Tuscany ), his native town, into a Renaissance jewel.
Just like most sixteenth-century popes he was an easy man ot the world fond of pagan pleasures with no particular strictness in morals. He is also known for his erotic writings composed in his youth.
A memorable fact about his life was a legendary letter he wrote to Mehmet II to try to convince him to convert to Christianity.

The inspiration for the decoration of the hotel was just drawn from this eclectic and polyedric figure in an attempt to evoke the voluptuous ambition of Renaissance aristocrats of being surrounded by refined objects of art and sensuos atmosphere.
In particular, the rooms on the third floor echo the pope's fascination for the Turkish empire and his eccentric wish of absorbing it into the Christian world.
The rooms on the fourth floor are dominated by the symbolic image of the peacock so frequently recurrent in the iconography of pagan and early christian sarcophagi.


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